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Welcome to the C.G. Jung Center Buffalo

The Jung Center of Buffalo is a non-profit organization located in downtown Buffalo, NY, in the Trinity Episcopal Church on Delaware Avenue. Our emphasis is on the development of the whole person as they proceed along the path to self-knowledge, creativity, and well-being. Our lectures, programs, and digital content is based on studying the works of Carl Jung and related Jungian material. Jung Center Buffalo is a community learning space where psyche, spirituality, the arts, and culture come together.

“Some would say that we have already completed a forbidden experiment, using ourselves as subjects with no controls, and the unhappy results are in: we are connected as we’ve never been connected before, and we seem to have damaged ourselves in the process.”

– from Alone Together by Sherry Turkle


“In letting screens run my life, I discount the rest of my existence, effectively renouncing my own wholeness.”

–William Powers

Barbara Moot Library

Jung Center Buffalo is proud to announce that our priceless collection of in-depth analytical psychology resources featuring all of C.G. Jung’s collected works, DVDs of on-going seminars from the Asheville Jung Center as well as other books dealing with interpretation or aspects of analytical psychology is now open as a lending library. The library will be open on a weekly basis on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m. Please keep in mind that only Jung Center members have borrowing privileges, except for approved students with ID.

Digital Evolution Event Flyer

Friday, November 26, 2021

Digital Evolution and Adaptation

with Prof. Paul Kochmanski & Potluck Dinner

Professor Paul Kochmanski delivers an exploration of how our digital world has re-shaped our sense of self and reality. We’ll consider the ways digital media has blessed or burdened us…whether it has made us more superficial or more reflective…has it separated us or brought us closer together? Has your journey with technology hindered or enhanced your quest for a soulful life?

Bring your leftovers to share and enjoy an intellectual alternative to the frenzy of Black Friday. Join us for an evening full of fun, food, & multigenerational conversation! Read More

Keep Buffalo Soulful


Founded in 1976, Jung Center Buffalo supports social and cultural renewal. Buffalo’s resurgence and renaissance is a perfect example of this. Jung Center Buffalo is also in a state of renewal and transformation. We are a viable and accessible resource for everyone in our community who has been searching for deeper meaning in their everyday lives. We are an educational resource, but not solely for Jung scholars. Anyone who is interested in self-exploration, growth and transformation are welcome, even those who are new to the works of Carl Jung. Our lectures engage diverse audiences with vigorous discussions, and topics addressing psychology, creativity, and spiritual nourishment. Our studies are focused on celebrating the freedom of self-discovery, the spirit, and the soul.

The relevance of Jung’s intention for human transformation

Jung’s psychology is really about self-discovery and finding our personal path, while discovering the link between our own existence to that of the human collective, the web of life, and the cosmos. The practical applications of Jung’s theories can lead us to global transformation. Every form of creativity is in alignment with Jung’s goal of self-discovery. Learning about ourselves and our place in the universe is not only what Carl Jung intended, but his insights are especially relevant today, considering the fractured state of our society. Jung Center Buffalo has the knowledge and tools for those who are ready to make this transformation. Personal growth in Jungian terms refers to individual and collective awakenings of the soul and consciousness.

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