Welcome to the C.G. Jung Center Buffalo

Welcome to the C.G. Jung Center Buffalo

About Jung Center Buffalo

One good way to learn about an organization is to read its mission statement. We have two. Our original mission statement when the organization was founded in 1976 is “to study Carl Jung’s and related authors’ works.” For the first time our outstanding collection of Jungian literature in our beautiful new room at Trinity will be available as a lending library for members to properly study those works when and where they please.
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Here are some upcoming events at the Jung Center Buffalo. Please check back here for updates on our events and programs!


Jungian Nuts and Bolts

The meaningful coincidence of two events, one inner and psychic and the other outer and physical.

The Royal Road to the unconscious.

The rejected and unaccepted aspects of the personality that are repressed and form a compensatory structure to the ego’s self-ideals and to the persona.

Psyche is an inclusive term covering the areas of consciousness, personal and unconscious and collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is sometimes referred to as the “objective psyche” because it is not personal or individual.

An innate potential pattern of imagination thought or behavior that can be found among human beings in all times and places, often referred to as an “unconscious image”. The collective unconscious is composed of archetypes (hero, trickster, eternal child, great mother, old wise man or woman, etc.).

A “magic circle” found in cultures around the world, symbolic of the whole being, with the Self at the center.

An object, word or image with a conventional meaning and also an unknowable meaning that lies buried in the unconscious and which accounts for its fascination.

The process of psychic development that leads to the conscious awareness of wholeness. Not to be confused with individualism.