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About Jung Center Buffalo

One good way to learn about an organization is to read its mission statement. We have two. The original mission statement from our organization’s founding in 1976 is “to study the works of Carl Jung, Carl Jung’s Theories, and related Jungian authors.” And, for the first time in our history, our outstanding collection of Jungian literature, housed in the beautiful new Barbara Moot Memorial Library at Trinity, will be available on loan to members for their personal and scholarly study off-site.  Non-members are invited to come explore the collection and get to know more about Jungian psychology with the assistance of our librarians on-site during library hours.

Jung’s psychology is ultimately about self-discovery –individuation, of finding a path through each of our unique, individual lives on Earth as well as realizing our place within the greater collective, the web of life and the cosmos.  In honor of this, we strive to meet the needs of those who choose to encounter Jung in other-than-scholarly ways. Thus, our second mission statement says that the Jung Center Buffalo is “a place where psyche, spirituality, the arts and culture come together.” Every form of creative endeavor, from painting and exploring dreams to yoga and meditation, from poetry and music to dancing and acting, expresses Jung’s goal of Self-discovery. Whenever and however possible, we encourage, support and promote all of these creative ways of learning about ourselves and our place in the universe. It’s what Carl Jung intended.

Browse Library Collection

The library will be open on a weekly basis on Thursdays from 1-3 p.m.

Only Jung Center members have borrowing privileges with the exception of approved students with ID.

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