About C.G. Jung

Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Jung began his career in partnership with Sigmund Freud. Freud had been generally credited with having discovered the unconscious and its effects on behavior. Jung broke with Freud when he realized that there was much more to the unconscious than Freud was willing to admit.

Both of them were exploring what is called depth psychology. Sigmund Freud would only go so far down into the unconscious, the personal level. Jung went all the way down, down into what he called the collective unconscious. It was and still remains a journey unlike any other. He discovered there, not only archetypes, but the very roots of the Psyche, what makes us uniquely human and at the same time closely related to each other and to all our animal and vegetable ancestors. What Jung gave us is an extraordinary, yet easily understandable means of discovering our whole human nature and our place in Nature, something our western civilization had nearly forgotten. His vast bodies of work, including theory on personality types and the collective unconscious touches every part of our daily lives.

C.G. Jung


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