May 2018
Posted at: 21 May 2018
Unpacking Your Dreams

By Susan Stocks Since the discovery of scientific ways to study brain activity, it is known that the brain does not shut down at night, in fact it is very active. In your sleep there are four stages of brain waves, in the lightest brain wave there is a phenomenon where the eyes move back and forth. This rapid eye movement is where the vivid

April 2018
Edward Bickford
Posted at: 22 Apr 2018
Musings on Carl Jung’s Red Book

By Ted Bickford Carl Jung’s Red Book is an imaginary trip through time and space in search of his “soul”. It is an extensive inner journey through cultural history and natural history in which he wanders for days alone on a desert, then engages in dialogue with numerous fantasy figures. The first ones he encounters are recognizable Old Testament religious characters. These are shortly replaced

Susan Stocks
Posted at: 15 Apr 2018
Dreams -What are they?

By Susan Stocks My first blog post here will be about dreams. What are dreams? Do they mean anything? What is the proof of any meaning? For me, Dreams are nightly mysteries. There are big mysteries and little mysteries. The ultimate mystery is what is the truth about death? But, nightly, we have dreams, our own and personal little mystery. Every morning you wake up

April 2018