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Dreams -What are they? - Jung Center Buffalo

Dreams -What are they?

By Susan Stocks

My first blog post here will be about dreams. What are dreams? Do they mean anything? What is the proof of any meaning? For me, Dreams are nightly mysteries. There are big mysteries and little mysteries. The ultimate mystery is what is the truth about death? But, nightly, we have dreams, our own and personal little mystery. Every morning you wake up to a new story. But, often the story line is twisted and bizarre. The denouement is non-existent, and the ending is a cliff hanger. They make no sense, so why bother?

There are those who believe that dreams are nothing more than physiological responses to nightly stimuli. That they are random and meaningless firings of neural activity of the brain at night. For the naysayers, this is not a blog for you.

However, others profess that they are windows into our souls. They believe that they light the path to a greater and more whole being. It is in this wholeness that one can begin to know your true self, balancing the tensions of life with greater wisdom.

I invite you to join us in this journey inward.

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