Revisioning The Dead

On DVD, we present Murray Stein and John Hill sharing their experiences and their thoughts concerning survival of consciousness after death. In the first half of this presentation, Murray Stein provides an abbreviated summary of Jung’s take on the after life and occult phenomena that serves as an introduction to things we know but cannot demonstrate and events in our lives over which we have no control. This is of necessity, a head trip, a lecture, although in reciting Jung’s vision Dr. Murray opens a door to a pathway.

Jung, in his autobiography Memories, Dreams and Reflections, devotes some time and pages (On Life After Death, page 289-359) mythologizing about his experiences of the hereafter and about life after death. We suggest reading this section of Memories, Dreams and Reflections, before you take in this presentation.These musings consist entirely of memories and of images, in which he lived and of thoughts that have buffeted him, which he has not been able to document in the same manner he has documented his published phenomenological observations. My guess is that some of you have been buffeted by the same questions. This is what you need to look out for: Dr. Murray’s recapitulation of Jung’s vision beginning immediately after his heart attack.

In the second half of the presentation given by John Hill, who approaches the after life from an intuitive’s sensibility, uses this approach to link us in our present state of consciousness to the dead to emphasize the continuity of our lives. Mr. Hill shares his dreams, his experiences of visits by “the dead”, giving a very feeling image of how our ancestors experienced the numinosity of Death evidenced by architecture, ancient archaeological burial sites, and a review of ancient traditions and ritual celebrated by our ancestors. Further, Mr. Hill reviews ancient traditions, emphasizing the purpose of keeping our awareness alive regarding the continuity of life. These rituals keep the dead in our living presence and us participating with those who have crossed over until we and they are prepared to go on.

Caveat: this presentation is not intended to be a proof of the continuity of life. It is meant to conjure ideas and images that will engage your imagination. You might consider taking Buddha’s advice to rely on your own personal experience as a guide.

Murray Stein, PhD., is a leading member of the Asheville Jungian Society, a former supervising training analyst, a former President of the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, and President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. His publications are many; he is the author of The Principle of Individuation.

John Hill, MA, has practiced as a Jungian Analyst since 1973. His published works include Celtic Myth, James Joyce, and Dreams and Christian Mysticism.

  • Revisioning The Dead
    December 7, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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