Barbara Moot Memorial Library

The Barbara Moot Memorial Library

The recently dedicated Barbara Moot Memorial Library of Jungian Studies is a formerly “hidden” literary treasure of Western New York. A collection in existence for decades but not easily accessed, the library houses a wealth of books, journals, videos, and recordings about C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology as well as Jungian-related literature from scholars who have continued in the spirit of Jung, but along their own individuated paths.

Today, our goal is to make the collection accessible as a lending library to Jung Center Buffalo members and to the general public for on-site study, in order to facilitate greater understanding and enthusiasm for Jung’s timely insights about human nature and our place within Nature.

It is named after Barbara Moot, who began a Centerpoint study group with several other members of Trinity Episcopal Church. She became a founding member of the Analytical Psychology Society of Western NY (APSWNY), incorporated in 1976.

For nearly 40 years, Barbara organized the Study Group on the Feminine, which met weekly to explore the writings of Jung and related authors. The group has continued on after her death in 2015 as the Women’s Study Group, guided by longtime member Arlene Miles, and it has experienced a resurgence of interest and participation as women’s life experiences have continued to be discounted and maligned” by the patriarchy. Barbara would be proud of this development and the contributions of her group to the discussion.

We are grateful to his cherished wife’s husband Richard (Rit) Moot and the Western NY Foundation for Rit’s generous posthumous donation to the library fund in his cherished wife’s name, which made possible our beautiful custom-built shelving to properly hold our valuable collection.

Browse Library Collection
Browse Library Collection

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