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Unpacking Your Dreams - Jung Center Buffalo

Unpacking Your Dreams

By Susan Stocks

Since the discovery of scientific ways to study brain activity, it is known that the brain does not shut down at night, in fact it is very active. In your sleep there are four stages of brain waves, in the lightest brain wave there is a phenomenon where the eyes move back and forth. This rapid eye movement is where the vivid dream reports are given, if the sleeping person is woken up at this time. So, dreams are brain activity in your sleep. How do we know they mean anything and what proof is there of this meaning? Proof is a relative term. Do you want scientific quantitative proof, with blind controls, or will qualitative or anecdotal reports be enough “proof,” for you?

There are over 250 kinds of therapy. Jungian therapists routinely use dreams as a tool for healing. The social sciences are a new science and is attempting to establish best evidence practices, based on research. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is having good success rates with addictions. Dialectical therapy appears to be efficient with people with borderline personality disorder. EMDR is an excellent tool for trauma. Jungian therapist report that dreams help a person discover more about their unconscious, bringing to light, positive and negative aspects of themselves, which when integrated, brings about a more whole and I would hope, a happier or at least a more content person.

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